"Sut dych chi, Megan?"

Translation:How are you Megan?

January 27, 2016

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Is this Southern Welsh? I was always taught "Sut wyt ti Megan"


yeah same here..


I think this is formal welsh phrasing and then wyt ti is casual maybe?


That's right, "Sut wyt ti?" (written) / "Sut rwyt ti?" (spoken) is the informal question, using the informal form of "you" ("ti").

The formal form of you ("chi") uses "Sut ydych chi?" (written) or "Sut dych chi?" spoken.

From https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Welsh/Verbs#Present


The informal version tends to be the one kids learn first; it was the same in French. I think the reasoning is that they would use that form when talking amongst themselves.


I’m from Cardiff, and I was already taught “Sut wyt ti” as well...


It is informal version of you. Sut dych chi? Is formal :)


I was taught "Sut ydych chi?" Is it just a colloquialism to drop the 'y' on 'ydych'?


I think 'Sut wyt ti?' would be a better phrase to learn


I'm not a native Welsh Speaker (just learning it,) how exactly does sentence construction work?

I first fought is like you put the noun first before the rest but this changed how I thought...


It's problematic for me too, all I know is that Welsh is Verb-Subject-Object language


there is no noun from what i understand, it's literally "how are you?"


Read the tips for lessons 1 and 2. It explains how introducing oneself requires a different structure.


I've always learnt 'sut wyt ti?'


Sut dych chi / Sut dach chi? is the polite form -- perhaps in Duo's sentence, the speaker does not know Megan that well, or she's his boss, or perhaps his venerable great-aunt.


The normal colloquial form is "sut dych chi," but what about the longer, written form? Is it "sut ydych chi", or "sut rydych chi"? I noticed that, if I write "sut ydych chi" in this exercise, the app accepts it, but it says there is a "typo" and corrects the spelling to "sut rydych chi"... So, what is it then? "Sut ydych chi" or "sut rydych chi"? And is the familiar form "sut wyt ti" or "sut rwyt ti" with "r"? I thought the "r"-inital forms could not be used in questions!...

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