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  5. "Dylan dw i."

"Dylan dw i."

Translation:I am Dylan.

January 27, 2016



Do they actually speak this slow or is it just the audio?


Yep, it's slow. You'd usually say "dw i" as one syllable: "dwee".


it is slow just for beginners i guess


So dw is "am*" correct?


Yes, but it is probably best to learn dw i = 'I am', as that how you will be using it.


Is " Callum ydw i " also correct? Or does it have to be " Callum dw i" ?


It's fine. It's just the fuller form. You could think of it like Callum ydw i "I am Callum" and Callum dw i "I'm Callum".


Okay, thank you for replying.


Would the "i" be capitalized or is that just an English thing?


I wish you would stop grading wrong for putting my translation in the 'wrong' order; I personally remember better when i can translate directly it's not like im expecting this app to make me 100% fluent as long as im understandable does it matter if it's in the wrong order? Can you please change it to "right but in wrong order" like you do with spelling mistakes


That is not an option in the Duo system, I am afraid.

The order of words is fundamental in many languages. The fact that Welsh often has a different word order from equivalent English patterns is explained in the course notes. If you learn it as it is presented, a step at a time, it is not an unsurmountable challenge as long as you do not expect to get it right without a bit of practice.

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