"Rwyt ti'n sgipio."

Translation:You are skipping.

January 27, 2016



What I'm remembering I love about Welsh is how cute the loan words sound. It makes me really want to go for a sgipio now :/

January 27, 2016


What kind of skipping is this? Skippy-hoppy ambulation? Skipping a class or skipping out on an obligation?

January 27, 2016


It's definitely the leapy-boundy kind of skipping. It may possibly be used of skipping a class (but I'd need to check with a native speaker to be sure). Skipping out on an obligation isn't a British phrase, so I don't think you would use it in that sense.

February 4, 2016


Skipping a class seems reasonable English to me.

May 29, 2016


Yes, it's the right word in English, but that doesn't mean that you'd use the same word in Welsh. Translation isn't always one to one.

May 30, 2016


I would have thought it was primarily what you might call 'jump-rope'.

February 25, 2016


"You're skipping" should be an acceptable answer, surely?

June 29, 2017


I am no-- I am-- I am n-- I-- I a-- nuh-uh!

August 23, 2017
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