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  5. "Dw i eisiau Ysgol Gymraeg."

"Dw i eisiau Ysgol Gymraeg."

Translation:I want a Welsh school.

January 27, 2016



So Gymraeg is the adjective and Cymraeg the noun? Or are there some grammar things like lenition and eclipsis in Irish?


This is a grammar thing, like in Irish. Ysgol is a feminine noun, so any adjective describing has a sound change at the beginning, like cymraeg > gymraeg.


oh-oh, 'strange' things begin to appear in Welsh xD

Thanks for the answer :)

Btw, how do I know if a noun is feminine or not?


Sadly, as with other languages, there is no hard and fast way to differentiate. You just need to learn the gender when you learn the noun. If you don't mutate, you will be very easily understood though.


Hm, every language has it's things... xD Thanks :)


Cymraeg is both the noun and the adjective. 'Gymraeg' is an example of a soft mutation, which occurs after a feminine noun (I think this is the same as lenition in Irish?) - C mutates to G.


I think "I want a Welsh language school" is also correct and was not accepted. I reported, but am I incorrect?


No, you're absolutely correct. I'm sure it will be added as an alternative soon. As an aside, the word Cymraeg only ever refers to the language, so the word 'language' isn't really necessary in the Welsh sentence (The Welsh language - 'Yr Iaith Gymraeg')

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