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  5. "Ydw, dw i eisiau cig oen."

"Ydw, dw i eisiau cig oen."

Translation:Yes, I want lamb.

January 27, 2016



I wrote "Yes, I want a lamb meat" following the hints, and it was rejected. I guess that technically it could be correct. It is even possible in context, too, e.g. at the butcher's. Where is my mistake? (I am completely new to Cymraeg, starting from -1. ;) )


Possibly just that 'lamb meat' would be uncountable, so can't be used with an indefinite article ('a')? I'm not sure exactly in this instance, but in English that sentence would not be grammatically correct.


Oh my, I always fail on my English, not on the other language :D (I achieved 90% on the the free test, but still I have difficulties :D)


Shouldn't "Yes, I want a lamb" be accepted?


All I did was spell eisiau wrong...


I wrote "Yes, I do want lamb meat" and it was marked as incorrect. Is that actually an incorrect answer or a correct one that isn't recognised by duolingo?


For English I would only say, "yes, I want lamb" the meat would be redundant and isn't used. The question I would have is "cig" used before every type of meat in Welsh? Cig bacwn? Cig iân?

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