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"Dw i'n dysgu Cymraeg mewn ysgol. Athrawes dw i."

Translation:I teach Welsh in a school. I'm a female teacher.

January 27, 2016



‘I’m teaching Welsh’ is fine too. It denotes something temporary but it’s a legitimate sentence.


Welsh doesn't differentiate between between "I something" "I am something-ing" as far as I know. So this is true of most sentences. e.g. Dw i'n mynd = "I go" or "I am going".


How come I got counted wrong for "I learn Welsh in school" as opposed to "... in A school"? I know it's supposed to be "teach" here, not "learn," but the only thing underlined as incorrect was "a." Is it sort of a British/American distinction? Like how the British "in hospital" sounds weird to us Americans, since we always say "in A hospital"...

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