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"Do you want to learn Welsh?"

Translation:Dych chi eisiau dysgu Cymraeg?

January 27, 2016



It says that "Dach chi eisiau dysgu Cymraeg?" is also an acceptable answer... How does "dach chi" differ from "dych chi"?


"Dych chi" is South Walian and "Dach chi" is what we say in North Wales :-)


Question - is the "yn / 'n" here not necessary because it is not used with "eisiau"?


Not only unnecessary. It is a rule.


So you either put "eisiau" or "yn moyn" ?


Yes, both are right. yn moyn is only used in south Wales.


why is it sometimes Cymraeg and at other times it is Gymraeg? Im confused


As you go further into the Welsh course you will encounter "mutations". This is a very Celtic thing, where words do not just change at the end, but also the beginning. These changes occur in specific grammatical contexts, although some people say they are there to make the language flow more nicely.

You will get slowly introduced to the different mutations, so I won't try to explain them, but just as a brief glimpse:

  • Normal: Cymraeg
  • Soft Mutation: Gymraeg
  • Aspirate Mutation: Chymraeg
  • Nasal Mutation: Nghymraeg

Luckily you mostly only need the soft. And people understand you without them anyway.

But please make sure that you follow the written Duolingo Notes for every unit, as you don't want to just guess. (Use the web version of Duolingo on your phone instead of the app which is missing them)

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