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  5. "Ydw, dw i wedi codi."

"Ydw, dw i wedi codi."

Translation:Yes, I have got up.

January 27, 2016



Wps... I heard "pwdu" here :) The text-to-speech is pretty great, but sometimes not quite... (Isn't it "Gwyneth" from IVONA?)


ha ha I thought it was just me!


Does "Get up" here imply "getting up out of bed" or just "standing up"


Wedi codi was taught to me in school as 'get up' in the morning aka

I get up at 6 am, have breakfast at 7 and go to school at 8am... so I see it as get up out of bed... and we use 'to stand' like sefyll - so in school "Stand up! as an order / command was Sefwch! but I think it's sefyll i fyny for "to stand up"?

may be wrong, I'm recapping lots of lost Welsh behind French, Spanish, amongst titbits of other languages over the years!


I said "Yes, I got up" and it was wrong.


got up past simple.. have got/ gotten up - present perfect = different tenses / time periods.

so Yes I got up (at 6am / yesterday) - more fixed time

Yes, I have got up (already, before you, since you called me to get up) - looser time


Should this not be "do, dw i wedi codi"?


It can be either. I would personally say "do" here, but many people say "ydw" or similar. With as much dialectal variation as there can sometimes be in Welsh, it's probably going to be a little while until all the variants get accepted, and it's still a very recently-released beta course :)


I didn't know that. I can just feel my tutor's glare each time I'm forced to type "ydw" - anyway, diolch am y wybodaeth!


My instructor answered "So do I use 'do' or 'ydw' for wedi questions?" with "Yes."


Croeso! If your tutor glares at you for answering a 'wedi' question with 'ydw', I think they want teaching a lesson about tolerance of linguistic diversity ;-)


I answered "Yes, I am up." because I wouldn't say either "Yes, I have got up" or "Yes, I have gotten up" EVER in English; at least not in my dialect. Not without something after it at least. "Yes, I have got up at 5am in the past." (though in my dialect, I'd be more likely to say "I have gotten up at 5am in the past."

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