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  5. "Shwmae, draig dw i."

"Shwmae, draig dw i."

Translation:Hi, I am a dragon.

January 27, 2016



This is my favorite sentence from any Duolingo course.


I was wondering when "dragon" would come back


This will forever be my favorite phrase.


Is shwmae the same as sut Mae?


Yep, it's the south Wales version.


Learning how to politely address a dragon,eg prynhawn da, Draig, is what got me into this course.


I answered "Hi, I am dragon" and was corrected to "Hi, I am a dragon". Say dragon was my nickname, for example, and i wanted to say "I'm dragon" wouldn't i still say "draig dw i"?


Or perhaps "Dragon dw i", if your nickname was Dragon (as in your example).


Good point. Names don't translate do they.


While, Most Names Do Have Versions In Other Languages, But That's Beside The Point. If You Were Introducing Yourself, You'd Likely Use Your Name As It Is In Your Native Language, However If You Were Using A Nickname, Say "My Friends Call Me Dragon", You'd Probably Want To Translate Said Nickname Into The Language You're Speaking, It'll Probably Feel More Natural, And It's Better In Case The Person You're Talking To Doesn't Know English, Although That Last One Seems Unlikely In Welsh.


When would you use Shwmae or S'mae instead of Helo?


Helo is probably more common than Shwmae/S'mae. The latter is like a cross between "Hello" and "How are you?", a bit like UK English "Alright?".

I'd say Shwmae/S'mae can show a little more distance from the person you're speaking to than Helo, e.g. because you know someone less well, because you haven't seen someone for a long time etc. Helo is more neutral and can be used in all kinds of situations, distant or near. More familiar addresses would be things like Haia, Hei, Heia, which you can work out from English, and also Ti'n iawn?/Chi'n iawn? "You alright/OK?".


Thanks very much, shwmae. That was a big help.


The one thing I say when I enter a room.


why is it hi and hello is wrong


That's Probably Just A Mistake, It Accepted Hello For Me, I'd Recommend Clicking The Report Button And Then "My Answer Should Be Accepted". That Sometimes Will Get It Fixed.

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