Hello everyone! I have been awaiting this course for over 5 months now!!! Checking Duolingo to see if it arrived! I am so happy it arrived!

January 27, 2016


Helo! Pam wyt ti'n eisau dysgu Cymraeg? And how did you get a 19-day streak without doing any languages?

Haha! I simply removed some, because I wanted to focus on Welsh so I wouldn't get distracted. My goal is to reach 25 before I start a new language.

I see. So why do you want to learn Welsh so badly? :)

Odd question actually. I find the language absolutely fascinating, plus when I saw it, I just wanted to have it like a kid in a candy shop. To be fully honest, the only course I might have wanted more than this might be Icelandic :) I have a fascination smaller Germanic and Celtic languages. How about you?

That's gonna take a long time :P Good luck :P

My goal is to finish Welsh and Dutch at the same time :P

Wow! Good luck! Luckily both the languages are quite different so you won't get mixed up!

They used to do Norwegian and Swedish.

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