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  5. "Tiu maŝino estas motoro."

"Tiu maŝino estas motoro."

Translation:That machine is a motor.

January 27, 2016



Reminded me of 'La tempo-maŝino', H.G. Wells. If someone wants the esperanto edition in pdf, let me know. :D


Please put the link to download it.
Bv noti ligilon por elŝuti ĝin.


Why tiu and not tio? It's a machine, not a person (except if it's Commander Lieutanant Data).


If you said tio maŝino… you would probably be understood, but confusing to a great many people since tio is used in place of a noun, tiu is used to identify which specific noun one is speaking of.

Similarly the phrase could be a couched as a question by changing one letter: Kiu maŝino estas motoro would be "which machine is a motor," suggesting a number of machines to choose from. But you still know that they are machines and that one of them, at least, is a motor. I cannot think of a way to make kio or tio actually work in this sentence.


Tio means something unknown and we ask "kio estas tio?". Tio works like a noon, alone.

Tiu means something known. If we recognize an foreign object as human, we will use Tiu. If "this" or "that" are before a noon, the object is known, we use:  tiu maŝino, tiu objekto, tiu homo.

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