"Dych chi wedi codi? Nac ydw."

Translation:Have you got up? No.

January 27, 2016

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‘Did you get up’ was rejected, contrary to what the tips and notes show. What gives?


It's better to translate it with the perfect "Have you got up?". What's known as the past "Did you get up?" is formed in a different way in Welsh.


I know. But from what I gather it's still in beta. If in doubt think ' have'


Gotten up is american not british english - I put in have you got up and it was rejected ???


"Are you finished getting up yet? Not yet." That's the closest I can think of where this makes sense in Midwestern American English. If you aren't awake, you'd have a tough time responding with the second part.


'get up' out of bed rather than wake up. "Are you up?" My mother insisted that this meant, 'are you out bed', not 'are you sort of awake, but still in bed". We had this conversation frequently.


Can somebody explain "Have" part of the sentence to me?


It's the word 'wedi'. It essentially means did do or have done. Like... mynd = to go, wedi mynd = did go/have gone (went)


I am confused. "Have you gone up? No" was marked incorrect, even though those exact word are listed as a correct translation of this sentence.


Codi can mean lots of things: "get up, pick up, lift, raise, build" etc. It could mean "go up" when referring to price, a person going up in rank or a team going up in the league. It wouldn't mean "go up" when referring to a person going up a mountain or something though. It can be rather context dependent. Report it maybe?


Ok, next time I will. Thank you very much for responding! Diolch yn fawr! Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre Antwort! Merci! Tack så mycket för ditt svar!


Haha dim problem!


Deutsch ist wuderbar


if u aint up how r u answering


It's difficult to think of a context in which "Have you got up? No." would be a realistic exchange! "Have you [done anything]?" (PRESENT perfect) relates to NOW. In relation to getting up the evidence before the enquirer's eyes would surely obviate the need for the question... :)


Shouting up the stairs to your lazy kids?


Hadn't thought of that one, shwmae! Even so, "Are you up?" would be much more realistic. :)


That sounds really wrong to me. I'm Aussie and I say "Have you woken up?"


Yeah I'm Aussie too and I'm thinking the same thing. The thing with 'codi' is that it can mean anything in relation to the act of lifting something or someone up, which in turn can be like 'get up, wake up, lift, incline, raise, etc.' It doesn't necessarily mean to wake up :) Very easy mistake to make, however. It's a funny sentence for a language learning task xx

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