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  5. "Mögt ihr das Wasser?"

"Mögt ihr das Wasser?"

Translation:Do you like the water?

December 21, 2013



I understand that the word-by-word translation requires the adjective, but it does not sound fluent in English.


Sorry, I meant article. The translation that Duolingo accepts is "Do you like the water?", that sounds odd to me.


Well, you can say "Do you like water?" = "Magst du Wassser?" speaking about water in general.

Or you can say "Do you like the water?" = "Magst du das Wasser?" if you speak about a specific portion of water, probably a glass full for drinking.


Thanks sakasiru for the clarification, it makes sense now!


Exactly, I wouldn't use the article here

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but "the water" and "water" mean different things here, and the same holds for the German "das Wasser" and "Wasser".
"I like water" means that you generally like the substance water, while "I like the water" is only saying that you don't like that specific water that has been referenced before, e.g. that is standing on the table now.
Those are two different sentences. If you leave out the article the sentence gets a different meaning.


Of course. It helps me to live.


Would anyone be able to clarify why words are structured this way? in my head when I read it, I see: like you the water? I understand from context when reading papers and other people what they mean when they speak but how I need clarification for better understanding.


different languages have different word orders-- keep practicing and you'll get the hang of it!


The male voice actor needs to annunciate when he talks, i can hardly understand what he saying half of the time.

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