"Thursday night"

Translation:nos Iau

January 27, 2016

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    Is "nos dydd Iau" wrong? It wasn't accepted.


    If you translate 'nos dydd iau' it will be 'Thursday day night' so no we drop the dydd


    I realise this comment is 5 years old so there may be little point in replying to it, but 'nos dydd iau' does literally translate as "Thursday night" - or perhaps even more literally as "[the] night [of the] day [of] Iau" - not as "Thursday day night". The point is rather that Welsh does not actually say the equivalent of "Thursday night" but more like "Thursnight".


    Why isn t prynhawn Ian correct?


    See the course notes.

    • prynhawn - an afternoon
    • prynhawn dydd Iau or prynhawn Iau - Thursday afternoon
    • nos - night (also used as 'evening' with names of days)
    • nos Iau - Thursday evening/night (no dydd)

    (Note that Iau is spelled with a capital i, not a lower case L.)


    Is this the night between Thursday and Friday or the night between Wednesday and Thursday?


    Thursday - Friday.

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