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Thanks for getting this course up so quickly, and very exciting to see it. However it does not work on mobile apps. Will this be the case throughout the beta? Any idea when mobile apps will be supported?

January 27, 2016

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All courses are first deployed only on website version because

  1. on the website, Duo hasn't to setup a new version of the all website to add a course when on apps Duo as to release a new version of the app (and one try to not make that too often ;)).
  2. Duo wants to test it first on website (where there are more ways for users to communicate about potential big issues)

Thus, once the first part of the beta phase ends (=once Duo evaluates that enough time has passed to confirm the course has no major issues, technical or not), Duo will be up to add it to the new app version. Then the release of the new app version has to be waited for.

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