"South America is a big continent."

Translation:Cyfandir mawr yw De America.

January 27, 2016

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Please can someone tell me what the difference is between yw and ydy - ie why are both acceptable? Is it a NW/SW dialect thing? Thanks


Could you also say "De America ydy cyfandir mawr"? & I've seen a few other sentences with a "backwards" word order and am wondering if there's a rule in Welsh as to which part should come first in sentences like this.


I would also like to know the difference between yw and ydy, as both seem acceptable in the same context.


They are generally completely interchangeable - just use one or the other consistently.

However, only ydy should be used when starting simple, unemphatic questions or giving an answer ‘yes’:

  • Dewi ydy/yw’r tala - Dewi is the tallest
  • Ydy Dewi’n dal? Ydy. - Is Dewi tall? Yes.
  • Faint ydy/yw’r y tocynnau? - How much are the tickets?
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