"Beth yw enw eich mam chi?"

Translation:What is your mother's name?

January 27, 2016

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Mam is the Welsh word for mother, mom is not a translation


Probably because Mom isnt a word in uk English.


Reported to accept "mother".

I should probably give up on the idea of Testing Out of 12 skills; currently on my third attempt, and all my errors have been in choosing the wrong English synonym.


Is 'yw' south Wales Welsh?


As I understand it "yw" and "ydy" are pretty well interchangeable - tend to use "yw" but I'm a tutor/learner in South Wales!


Yes, they're mostly interchangeable. Yw* is used colloquially in south Wales, and also in the formal language. Ydy** is found colloquially more in the north.


Is  beth ydy enw eich mam chi?  correct, as well?


Yes: ydy = yw here.


That i would translate as what is your mothers name as well as your mum's name. An earlier sentence penalised me for using Ydych chi not. Dych chi. That was also correct.


The structure of this sentence is different from " beth yw eich enw chi?" Going on that example, could I also say "Beth yw eich enw mam chi?" Or would this sound like nonsense? Thanks.


That looks like "What is your mother-name?" to me.

I'm not sure what a mother-name is -- perhaps when you are from a culture where women receive a new name when they bear their first child, and you are asking a women for this new "mother-name"?

The "your" in Duo's sentence goes with "your mother", not "your name", so enw eich mam for "name (of) your mother" rather than "your name-of-mother".


I understand, thanks for the reply

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