Os gwelwch yn dda

Yn gyntaf, da iawn i chi gyd, a diolch. Dwi'n deall yr iaith yn iawn, ond dydw i ddim mor dda pan dwi'n siarad, felly dwi'n gobeithio fydd y cwrs yn helpu llawer. Thank you and well done for getting the course to beta. I desperately need to brush up on a lot of the basics and improve my vocabulary and have been looking forward to this being live.

A couple of things, however; I was surprised that 'os gwelwch yn dda' doesn't appear to be a valid translation of 'please'. It's in very common usage, at least it is in Gwynedd, so I expected it to be okay. Secondly, in the 'May I?' section, there is a spelling error of 'omelette'. My answer was deemed incorrect as apparently I should have translated 'omled' as 'omlette', although in the very next question 'omelette' was spelled correctly! A minor thing, but slightly infuriating.

Diolch yn fawr.

January 27, 2016

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Helo! Diolch am wneud y cwrs a gobeithio dy fod yn ei fwynhau :D Os gwelwch yn dda/Os gwelwch chi'n dda/Os gweli di'n dda should all be accepted for plîs :)

Thanks for making me aware of the misspelling of "omelette" - it's now updated :)

Dal ati :D

January 27, 2016
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