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  5. "Dw i eisiau cig oen."

"Dw i eisiau cig oen."

Translation:I want lamb.

January 27, 2016



Does cig oen only refer to the meat of lamb or can it also refer to the animal?


I think "oen" is lamb and "cig" is meat. So if "cig oen" is more literally "meat of lamb", the word "oen" refers to the animal.


Can this also mean 'I want SOME lamb,' or is there a different way of saying that?


Some lamb would normally be something along the lines of 'Dw i eisiau rhai cig oen' from the welsh I've learnt previously.


You are almost right. Rhai mean some, but in this instance you would say rhywfaint (some quantity) o'r (of the).


Thanks - i'm far from fluent! :)


Why is it 'dw i eisiau' not 'dw i'n eisiau'?


I was thinking the same thing. I was taught in this sentance it would be 'dw i'n eisiau'? It was an example alwys used in school


Should "I want lamb's meat" also be accepted? When you have 'cig oen' by itself, this translation does not give any errors, so I was surprised to find it faulted me here.


It seems unusual for people to say "lamb's meat" in English, at least in Britain. We normally just ask for "lamb". If someone says "I like lamb", it is understood that they are talking about the meat, not a live animal.

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