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"Je suis à l'hôtel de la plage."

Translation:I am at the beach hotel.

January 15, 2013



Yes I also think that "I am at the hotel on the beach" sounds a lot better than "I am at the hotel of the beach". That sounds as if the beach owns the hotel, that's weird.


I agree. I tried "at the beach", but this was not accepted either.


I'm not saying the French structure is wrong, but it is an awkward translation. In the US it would be "I am at the hotel ON the beach".


Or BY the beach in British English. "The hotel of the beach" is an extremely strange phrase.


Australian's would say "by" also.


Americans also would say, "by the beach," but "by" and "on" would be two different things. I still have no idea which is meant by this translation.


Question: is "I am at the hotel on the beach" acceptable as well?


The one thing that's certain is that "hotel of the beach" should not be correct, since it isn't good English.


I put I am at the beach hotel. I'm not entirely sure that that is right. I mean it worked but it sounds wrong


This would only be used if it were called The Beach hotel.of the beach is not English. Better translation for a hotel with a beach frontage would be the hotel on the beach .


'I am at the beachfront hotel' is not accepted.


Prepositions..... So finnicky between languages.

I would say "at the hotel on the beach" - if I was outside the hotel awaiting pick up, if I was in the foyer of the hotel awaiting pickup, or if I was telling a friend where I am staying for the week.

And I would say "in the hotel on the beach" if I was inside the hotel and wanting someone to come inside to find me.

I would assume "dans l'hôtel" will be closer to "in the hotel," and "à l'hotel" outside/staying at, similar to English?

Is there a reason duo couldn't translate "de la plage " as "on the beach" in this context?


adding to the consensus that "hotel of the beach" is nonsense. Hotel by the beach or hotel on the beach are both better and correct, but mean different things. Dunno what Duo wants.


I am at the hotel on (or by) the beach?

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