"You must think in Welsh."

Translation:Mae rhaid i chi feddwl yn Gymraeg.

January 27, 2016

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I ran out of hearts because it would not allow "Mae rhaid i ti feddwl yn Gymraeg", the familiar equivalent. O diar. I'm going to have a coffee now in my Welsh mug.


why is chdi correct?


chdi is used in North Wales as an alternative to ti.


I have never heard of chdi being used in North Wales, which is where I have lived all my life. It's either chi - for formal or group use, or ti - for informal. At least that's what I know of. Is chdi used in the more traditional parts of North Wales?


I've often heard North Walians use it. Mind you, rmcode calls it "North-West", and I have met more Welsh speakers from Gwynedd than anywhere else. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15146563


Some north Walians use it, others don't. It's often an alternative to ti but some maintain a three-way distinction, with chdi, ti and chi all having slightly different meanings. Pretty cool!


Mae'n rhaid is as acceptable as mae rhaid.


I would have thought so. But apparently only 'chi' and not 'ti' is allowed!


Don't we say "yng Nghymraeg" instead?


I think that's the nasal mutation which doesn't apply here


Does not the preposition "yn" cause a nasal mutation? I'm confused...


It's because yn Gymraeg is an abbreviation of yn y Gymraeg "in the Welsh language". The y "the" is usually dropped, leaving yn Gymraeg.

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    All this time I have believed that Gymraeg pertained to things Welsh and Cymraeg pertained to the Welsh language. Have I had it wrong all this time? It's worked for me so far.


    Gymraeg is just the soft mutation of Cymraeg. You're probably thinking of Cymraeg/Cymreig:

    Cymraeg = "Welsh language", "Welsh-speaking",

    Cymreig = "Welsh things"

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