"Dydd Llun dw i'n yfed cwrw."

Translation:Monday I drink beer.

January 27, 2016



Isn't this more of a dydd Gwener sorta thing?

February 29, 2016


Pronunciation of the 'dw i'n' is unclear and a bit confusing to understand

January 27, 2016


You're right! It shouldn't be stressed as the robot has it. Please report it. :)

January 27, 2016


Though I fear they won't be able to do a lot about it!

I don't think the robot can be adjusted - you can disable listening exercises for a given sentence if the robot is particularly bad at them but you can't help it improve.

January 28, 2016


Can't they tune the stops and stresses? It seems to be strange, TTS systems usually have control codes or other means to do it...

January 31, 2016


Would it be written differently if one were to say "on Monday I drink beer"?

February 25, 2016


I thought the Welsh present tense covered the progressive aspect as well. But "I am drinking beer on Monday" was marked as wrong.

March 17, 2016
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