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1000 days of Duolingo

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Today was my 1000th day here and it's been interesting to see how Duolingo has changed over that time. So many improvements and so many more people. I also got 100 lingots for a 1000 day streak! Thanks to all who make Duolingo available for free to the world.

January 27, 2016



Congratulations! It is not just about the number of days but the commitment to log in each day and do a certain amount of work. I have to wonder if you find duolingo still challenging enough to want to continue for the sake of learning, alone? I am finding the exercises a bit too easy and hoping duolingo will add more exercises, bonus skills or even a new tree for advanced beginners like myself. Anyway, enjoy your day and your achievement.


Rob, I'm curious. Do you use Memrise in addition to Duolingo? They have some intermediate and advanced courses for Spanish learners there. ^_^


Tried Memrise and didn`t like it... too boring. I use LinqQ, Ba Ba Dum and several other sites but duolingo is still valuable. Just wish they would upgrade it so the faithful have a chance to do what they offer... "learn a language".


I think it was Luis Von Ahn that said once you reach a certain level in Duolingo, you should mostly be using other resources (books, native speakers, music, etc.), so I don't know about holding out hope for an advanced tree.

But they also said in the very beginning that they would never add any languages that weren't useful in the real world and they're going to add Klingon, so they may change their minds in the future.


I have no interest in learning Klingon but I suppose one could argue that it might be of some use. If two people want to communicate in that way, so be it.

I still say duolingo could be so much more if Luis wanted it to be but apparently he is just going for the numbers. I cannot fault him for what everyone else is doing but if a site offers to teach a language it should do so. To get people hopeful they will actually learn a language is wrong if you are not going to follow through. It should be made clear for all who sign up on duolingo that they will not be able to actually learn a language but they will get a good start on learning one.

I have had this discussion before and had people reply that it is unrealistic to think one could learn a language on a website. I disagree and believe it is indeed possible but we will never know unless someone actually tries to make such a site. Speaking from my own experience, I would say we would need between five to ten thousand words, lots of translation from our native language to our target language and plenty of interaction with a voice generated program or actual human voice. We would also need a good three to five years of this to truly learn a language depending, of course, on the language. These are just my guesses from where I am now but whether I am right or wrong there is no doubt that more content would definitely improve the ability of the student. I only hope that Luis or someone who has that foresight will take on this challenge. Yes, it will be a monumental challenge but think of the possibilities.


If duolingo is to take us farther they need advances in voice recognition. It needs be good enough understand what I meant and then work on my pronunciation one syllable at a time. The technology just isn't there.

A good ai so we could have a conversation would be useful as well.

Without either of those be the end of the tree you need other resources anyway.


Muchos ..Muchos Dias{@style=color:black}



Whoa! Congratulations! I thought getting to 365 was good :-) Well done!


Hey perhamjl, that's still pretty good.


Congrats! That's very impressive.


Looks like you're almost there yourself :-)


Congratulations, great achievement! I could give you a lingot, and sure here have one, but I guess you already have quite a lot of those... a quick calculation is that for keeping your streak alone you have received 5050 lingots in total! Do this another 1000 days and you will receive another 15050 lingots... but I guess you do not care so much about these anymore!

How is your Spanish now? Do you have any plans to pick up another language?


What are the Lingots really for? What can you do with them?


As far as I know, you can buy items from the virtual store (ie. extra skills, streak freeze, etc.) with them or give them away. Click on the lingot icon to open the store.





You have a awesome streak.



After 1000 days,

Are practicing speaking often?

How is your listening comprehension?

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Thanks. I was practicing speaking/listening with Skype for a while but had to put that on hold for the past few months due to family issues.


wow that's amazing!


That's amazing how someone is so dedicated to learning! Congratulations!


Congrats! I just got 100 yesterday:)


(Insert image of jaw dropping)

[deactivated user]

    Super cool!




    nice! have a lingot! :D


    Wow thats good!!! Congratulations


    Congratulations! ¡Enhorabuena!


    Congratulations, Lyarra!!!!!!!


    coooooooool , great job


    ¡Felicidades! ^_^

    I've been on Duolingo since 2012 and didn't decide to try to keep a streak until a few months ago.

    ¿Como es tu español?


    I know I know responding to a two year comment. but if you are going to ask " how is your spanish" it would be best if you said "como esta tu espanol"


    That's awesome! Congrats! I've enjoyed collaborating with you on translations.


    How many streak freezes have you used?


    Mi duolingo cuando sea grande, quiere ser como tú :)


    ¡Felicitaciones! Estoy trabajando en un nuevo hilo para los que tienen una racha de un año o más, aquí: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13152151. Actualmente, estás en el lugar décimo noveno.

    Congratulations! I am working on a new thread for those who have a streak of one year or more, here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13152151. Currently, you are in nineteenth place. [ I wrote the Spanish part first :) ]


    Congratulations on your dedication and determination. Just wondering, how do you update Duolingo? My iPhone is a very different format for Duolingo than the format I get to view through email. It seems more up to date.


    They haven't released some of the iPhone features to Android yet, so there is no way to keep them equally up to date.


    Really? What features are Android users missing?


    I only have Android devices so I don't know about all the features, but one of the iPhone features is that they get a picture of a character saying each of the phrases.


    Animated character? I don't even see that (animated or static) in the web version I mostly use.

    Could be I'm on the wrong side of an A/B divide.


    They're static. I think they're only in the app,though. I did just notice that when I used the Android app yesterday they finally added some characters to the app, so I guess they hadn't completely forgotten Android users.


    Congratulations It's a amazing streak man. Keep it up with the work!


    You must have a lot of lingots. Just take a break and streak freeze a few years, perhaps? XD


    would run out in a couple of months actually no?


    Exelente! Sigue practicando!


    Congratulations! Looks like you're working on the Reverse tree, too.

    What are you going to do with all those Lingots?


    mi no understand me german


    Congrats have a lingot


    ¡Guao! ¡Felicidades! Bien hecho, Lyarra. :)


    I want to be in that list, please!


    Great Job! Keep up the good work and go on!


    That is amazing! I am very thankful for Duolingo. My family is going on a mission trip to a Spanish-speaking country and I am much better prepared now.


    Congratulations on your amazing 1000+days of practice Lyarra!!! I have also been with duolingo for pretty close to the beginning of it's inception as an app and have to agree with you. (Though I have definitely never been anywhere near your amazing streak!) Literally just a couple days ago I was thinking about how much it has changed and how many languages it has added in the last while. Definitely a big thank you to the creators and contributors for making language learning accessible!!!!

    It is because of Duolingo that I have been able to make huge steps in my dream to learn another language that I otherwise would not have been able to afford. (And for making it much more fun than just trying to memorise words and phrases I randomly would have picked up on my own.) I have actually been able to speak with Spanish speakers who have limited or no English, and when they ask how I learned, they are shocked to find out through the internet. It is seriously such a successful feeling to be able to communicate in a language you were not born into. I truly appreciate the efforts of everyone on here and the community of learners helping each other on their learning goals. (Now I am considering maybe picking up a little bit of some other languages as well hehe)


    congratulations, your streak is now at 1850! I found this discussion because I was doing a search for 1000 day streaks. Today is my 1000th day, and I wanted to celebrate with any streak-twins out there. Great work and dedication, congratulations!

    • 2447

    Thank you. And, congratulations on your 1000 day accomplishment!


    Congratulations !!! How can you measure your progres in 1000 days ?


    Holy WOW! That is an amazing stream. How do you use your Spanish?


    Wow impressive! Congratulations! Personally my streaks are always ruined when I go on a holiday and the hostel does not have wi-fi. Maybe introduce a holiday-streak freeze besides the one-day freeze Duolingo?


    super buena suerte entonces voy a hacer los mil días igual que tu :D


    And now you're on a 5.5 years streak. THAT'S CRAZY! L-O-T-S OF RESPECT!!!


    Wow! Congrats for that huge milestone!


    Wow! You are almost to 6 years! And the fact I just saw this.

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