I've been really enjoying the course up until this lesson, it's just too much to remember and just not as interesting as the other lessons, especially since i don't know where any of these places are nor recognize their English names. At this point i'd rather continue learning vocabulary. I dunno if anyone else has felt the same way or not.

Otherwise, the course has been great so far, i'll probably just ignore this lesson once i finish it and come back to it after finishing the tree. I was excited to see the course out this morning, thanks for all the hard work put in, the course has been really great so far!

January 27, 2016


Wales is quite small, so if you're ever watching the news or reading the online papers, chances are that you'll hear these places quite often. If you don't intend to read much Welsh news or similar stuff, just view these placenames as a good chance to practise pronunciation and word stress! The notes underneath the course are good for learning geographical terms too: Abertawe means the estuary (aber) of the Tawe river (Swansea being the translation and in fact a big place in Wales!). Don't be disheartened about this lesson though :)

Yeah, but "estuary" isn't a word that a beginner (who doesn't even know colors yet) really needs to know, in my opinion. I do intend on reading Welsh news, but at this point i think there are more important things to learn (more verbs, nouns, adjectives). I see there's another place names further on down the course, that seems like a better time to introduce place names to me. Or as KevanSF suggested, perhaps adding them as bonus lessons. Learning the Welsh names of some of the larger places that people outside of Wales might recognize (eg. Swansea and Cardiff) would be nice, too. I think it's a nice idea, it was just a frustrating lesson for me. The other lessons have all been really enjoyable.

Kaixo! I think you're right that the placenames lesson should be further down the tree... I think that and the two word names should be changed when Welsh moves out of beta. Even though I've been learning Welsh for a while, I still cannot get to grips with any sort of complicated Welsh text, here's hoping that'll change soon!!

I find place names in the UK fascinating. I love the way they sound - so stately.

Maybe one or two of these place names could have been incorporated into other lessons, and the complete Places could have been a bonus lesson for those really interested in that sort of thing.

That sounds like a much better idea, in my opinion. I think these place names would be better off after having gone through more of the course where you can start reading some and seeing/hearing them used.

I found it useful overall. I always thought Abertawe and Swansea were different places but now I know otherwise.

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