"The woman is eating a cookie."

Translation:Kobieta je ciasteczko.

January 27, 2016

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When would you use "ciasteczko" and when would you use "ciasteczka"? And how do you know when "ciasteczka" is singular or plural?


ciasteczko is nominative and accusative singular cuasteczka is singular genitive , plural noinative accusative and vocative

Polish people know which case should be used, so we know if it is singular or plural

here kobieta je ciasteczko is singular. Kobieta je ciasteczka is plural (eat needs accusative)

But if the sentence needs genitive, like does not eat

kobieta nie je ciastaczka (singular), kobieta nie je ciasteczek (plural).

there are few nouns that have the same case singular and plural the same, so then you have to find out from context, if it is a midsummer night's dream or midsummer nights' dream


Why is it ciasteczko here? Wouldn't you use the feminine noun instead of ciasteczko?


Women are allowed to eat things which are not described by feminine nouns.

Just to be clear, the grammatical gender of each noun is fixed, so there is no such thing as the feminine form of 'ciasteczko'.


Why is it je, not jedzą?


I'm wondering the same thing....


Because jedzą is third person plural, but we need third person singular (eats).

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