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"Nos Sadwrn"

Translation:Saturday evening

January 27, 2016



My "Saturday evening" was not accepted. Is "nos" always night? Is there a different word for evening?


Live from New York, it's Nos Sadwrn!


so do I pronounce this as "sadone"? I like to see things written out like that, it helps.


I think the /w/ is usually pronounced as the /oo/ in "room", so sadwrn would be /sadoorn/ with a quick rolling r. This might help: http://forvo.com/search/sadwrn/

[deactivated user]

    Could someone please explain why it is not "Nos dydd Sadwrn"?


    Because that would mean Satur-day night; I'm assuming it would be unclear whether you were talking about the daytime on Saturday or the nighttime on Saturday. This is why you drop the 'dydd' when you use 'nos.' It is optional, on the other hand, to drop the 'dydd' when you use 'dydd' or 'prynhawn.' This is what I understand/have gathered from other discussions and the tips + notes, anyway

    [deactivated user]


      I wish Welsh is the world's international language instead of English LOL. The grammar seems simpler.


      Ond roedd nos Sadwrn, yr wyf yn dyfalu sy'n ei gwneud yn iawn.

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