"Ydw, dw i eisiau pitsa."

Translation:Yes, I want a pizza.

January 27, 2016

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The idea of a pizza having a gender makes me feel slightly dizzzy...


Throughout the world's languages the specific idea of sorting nouns into gender classes is very rare, but the general idea of sorting nouns into some sort of grouping with different grammar for each group is very widespread. The three-gender system (often two-gender in modern languages) is just the way we do it in Indo-European languages. Within this family, all languages (as far as I know) (apart from English and Scots) have at least two genders. So it may be time to get used to it.


"I want" seems rude/agressive to my ears. I would like to know if there's a more polite way to express a want. What would be a Welsh equivalent to "I would like a pizza," not as in the conditional sense, but the way one might order at a restaurant?


Phrases like "I want pizza" aren't as abrupt yn Gymraeg as they tend to sound yn Saesneg. Alternatively you could go for "Hoffwn i bizza" (I would like pizza) or if you were ordering in a restaurant you would say "Ga i bizza?" (Can I have pizza?)

ps you may also notice that many people (including myself) don't change the spelling out of respect for the original Italian word but when we say it we'll likely still soften the p because it just feels unnatural to say p after Hoffwn i / Ga i. Either way we definitely don't say it the way the robot lady does! Hope this helps! :)


"Dw i eisiau pizza" is totally fine, but you could use "Hoffwn i..."

We even say "Dw i eisiau bwyd" to express that we're hungry.


Thank you OsianHedd and TomosTomato, this really helps to clear things up!


Is it really pronounced with a [tʃ] and not a [ts]?


Absolutely not. The robot voice pronunciation on this is way off sometimes. It’s also worth keeping in mind that most Welsh speakers spell pizza the Italian way. I think they’re mainly just trying to get you to learn Welsh phonetics by spelling it “pitsa” as there is no z in Welsh and it’s a word that most people know regardless of their linguistic background. Of course, this would be more effective if the duolingo robot voice was more accurate! Hope this helps. Pob lwc! :)


I'm relieved to read that "pizza" is generally accepted. Even is Scots Gaelic, which doesn't have a 'z', either, we say and write "pizza". At least Welsh gets the gender right - Gaelic has "am pizza", the equivalent of "y pizza", instead of "a' phizza" / "y bizza". On what planet can an Italian word ending in an 'a' be masculine. It makes me cringe every time I hear it.


Is there no indefinite article in Welsh?

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