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"American girls are more beautiful."

Translation:Amerikan kızları daha güzel.

January 27, 2016



Why the ı ending?


thats a genitive construction and the i ending is the possessive suffix https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8616301


Thanks. What's not clear to me is why it's not treated as an adjective. Is that the case with all nationalities?


It is a nominalised adjective actually. You should be able to use "Amerikan kızlar", too. However, Turkish has a nominalisation process which may transform adjectives into nouns, just like English's non-distinction between nouns and verbs.

English A three-hour walk ('walk' is a noun here) He walked for three hours. ('walk' is a verb here)

Turkish Güzel bir kadın ('güzel' is an adjective here) Bugün güzelleri gördüm ('güzel' is a noun here, with the plural ending -lAr and accusative case)

So, the answer to the second question is hidden above: it might be the case for ALL adjectives in Turkish, depending on the discourse and syntactic needs. Hope it helps.


I put 'Amerikan kızlar daha güzel' without the 'ı' on kızlar and got it wrong?!


Why is this Amerikan and not Amerikali?


you can say "Amerikalı kızlar" or "Amerikan kızları"


So then the reason it was wrong is not that I said Amerikalı instead of Amerikan but that I probably put the -ı for a direct object (?) in place when it shouldn't have been there (e.g., Amerikalı kızları)?


Are Amerika'nın kızlar and amerikan kızler wrong?


Amerikan kızları Türk kahvesi Azeri yemeği "Hindistan cevezi" All are of genitive construction, not adjectives. They have the meaning of The girls of Americans The coffee of Turks The food of Azerbaijani people "Coconut"


Why guzeller is wrong


Why is daha çok (as opposed to just daha) wrong in this sentence?


Surely the -I ending in "kizlari" is wrong ? It's used correctly after a preceding noun, for example "the teacher's girls" would be "ogretmenin kizlari" because "ogretmen" is a noun. But "Amerikan" is an adjective. "Amerika'nin kizlari" (= "America's girls") would be correct though.


Does Amerikan like in things from the usa and Amerikan in the genitive construction spelled the same?

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