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  5. "Hogyn dach chi?"

"Hogyn dach chi?"

Translation:Are you a boy?

January 27, 2016



Would you address a boy with chi?

In German, at least, children are pretty much fair game for the informal pronoun "du" whether you know them or not - is Welsh more formal in this regard?


No, it's the same in Welsh, so this is a bit unlikely as a sentence, but not beyond the bounds of possibility.


I was about the ask the same question...


I have question about North vs. South Walian, and wasn't sure where to post it...

Why is this course teaching us the South Walian first, and then North Walian. I think it's great that they are teaching us both, but I thought that the majority of Welsh speakers spoke the northern dialect, so wouldn't it make sense for that one to be the default?


Why is it "dach chi" here instead of "dych chi"?


I believe it's the northern variant, so it's just a dialectical difference and dych chi/dach chi are essentially the same.


"Hogyn" is also a northern form, which means I've only myself to blame for mishearing the robot as saying "Hogyn da ych chi?" (Are you a good boy?)

Is crwt accepted in the course, I wonder? Perhaps I'll wait for the end of Beta testing before I start peppering the course with suggestions based on Aberteifi/Preseli dialect.


I also went by what I heard and mistranslated as, "Are you a good boy?" Must remember to read as well as listen! :)

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