"Nos da"

Translation:Good night

January 27, 2016



I have a probably silly question. Could this be used as greeting and leaving? Like- English "Good evening, welcome to the party!" and "Good night, it was great to see you!" Is there a better option for one of them?


I am a learner like yourself but i understand that for the first one you would use 'noswaith dda' and the second 'nos da'


Fun fact: nos da is also good night in Kernewek (Cornish)


I'm probably missing out something very obvious (so sorry if this is a stupid question), but why is there no soft mutation in da?

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This is an excellent question since 'nos' is a feminine noun.

There was a very long discussion about this in the facebook group 'dw i'n dysgu cymraeg' some months ago.

The simple reason is that 'nos dda' is actually very difficult to say and thus 'nos da' is used instead.

Remember the point of mutations is to make the language flow better.

However in general use, apart from greetings' the word for night is 'noson'

In this case 'a good night' uses the correct mutation 'noson dda'

One of the most used expressions of 'noson' is the very Welsh event called a 'noson lawen', literally 'a merry evening'


Diolch yn fawr, Rmcode!. So supposedly it would also be "athrowes da" etc.?


Strangely, no! The common cases where this (an adjective starting with d- not mutating after a feminine noun ending in -s) is still usual are:

  • nos da - good night
  • wythnos diwetha - last week

And in the wild, some people do now use wythnos ddiwethaf.


In North Wales recently (somewhere around Dolgellau), leaving a shop just after lunch-time (1300hrs-1330ish), the proprietor said 'Nos da' to us as we left. It clearly was not night, and I think he meant a general goodbye. I have heard somewhere (where i can't remember!) that nos kicks in as a greeting on meeting and parting after noon. If this is so, should Duo include 'good evening' as an option here?



  • Nos da - Good night (as a farewell at night)
  • Noswsith dda - Good evening (as a greeting in the evening or at night)
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