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Pittsburgh Language Educator Coffee :)

Thanks to the amazing language teachers that braved the very cold & snowy weather to make it to the first ever Pittsburgh Language Educator Coffee. We hope to see more of you make it next time under some more optimal conditions ;) We enjoyed sharing and learning together.

What's this gathering in Pittsburgh all about? This is a meetup for any language educator or technology specialist interested in providing new ways to enhance the classroom through technology. We share ideas, collaborate and help bring the best in education to our students.

Are you in Pittsburgh and interested in participating? Join the group here.

Pittsburgh language educator job alert: The Head of World Languages at Winchester Thurston shared at the coffee that she is looking for a Chinese language teacher. You'll want to reach out to the Head of World Languages directly to apply if you're in the area.

Want to organize a Language Educator Gathering in your city? We want to help get you started. Please reach out to us at teachers@duolingo.com.

January 27, 2016



So is there any insightful feedback to report from this gathering?Or did you end up talking about the snow and how better your life would be if your car was fitted with winter tyres?


Lots of great ideas on how to improve features. We also shared classroom activity ideas (classroom challenges with Duolingo and best practices). Language educator roles were also shared, which is always great for educators to learn about. It was not about the snow :)

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