"Saturday afternoon"

Translation:prynhawn Sadwrn

January 27, 2016

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When do you say Prynhawn dydd Sadwrn and when do you say Prynhawn Sadwrn?


Love the course so far, thanks everyone! Here's my first "huh?" moment.

Is 'Prynhawn Dydd Sadwrn' really supposed to be wrong? Is it supposed to be in the options? Other than the capital D of 'Dydd' it looks identical to the right answer to me.

Does 'Dydd' mean something different to 'dydd', or have I missed some other difference?


Pretty sure that's just a bug. I reported it. (Though in my case it rejected the lower case version)


I see "Prynhawn dydd Sadwrn" at the top of the page. Are you sure you didn't misspell something else?


It was multiple choice, I didn't have to spell anything. Both options were identical except for the capitalisation of "dydd". (Though I was mistaken about which one it wanted, it did want the lower case version not the upper case version.)


That's bizarre... Didn't you check both of them?


Yeah, and I got dinged for it. I got the same exercise again later in the lesson with the same choices. That time I only selected the lower case version and passed the exercise.


Yeah, that should definitely be reported.


Yes, I got it on a multiple choice, too. The options were "Prynhawn dydd Sadwrn", "Prynhawn Dydd Sadwrn", and something fairly different. I selected the first two and it said the one with the capitalised "Dydd" was wrong and it had expected me to only select the first option.

Thanks for reporting it. I wasn't sure 'Dydd' was the same as 'dydd'. If I see it again I'll report it, too.


Both, prynhawn dydd sadwrn and p'hawn dydd sadwrn, come up as wrong, and why is there dydd in it.


Why is the word "dydd" in it when, it can be omitted


I wish i knew idk


"dydd" means "day"


mine said it prynhawn dydd sadwrn was right when a different one said bore dydd sadwrn was wrong can anyone explain why


With prynhawn and bore, the dydd is sometimes dropped:

  • bore dydd Sadwrn or bore Sadwrn - Saturday morning
  • prynhawn dydd Sadwrn or prynhawn Sadwrn - Saturday afternoon

The underlying Duo software sometimes seems to insist on capital letters being used to match whatever is in the English prompt and sometimes not. The words Sadwrn, Llun, etc should be spelled with an initial capital in normal use.

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