How to describe dimensions?

How do you describe dimensions in Turkish?

For instance in english you might say that a piece of paper is "eight by ten inches." But it could be written as "8x10 inches"

If I see "8x10" in Turkish, how do I read that out loud?

2 years ago


I would say "Sekize on" for 8x10.

2 years ago
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you would use the suffix for "to" after the first number, then just say the second number as is.

So that's e , a, ye, ya (depending on the vowel and ending consonant of the number you're using the suffix on)

for example
1x11 bire onbir
9x11 dokuza onbir
2x11 ikiye onbir
6x11 altiya onbir

2 years ago
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