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I did not gain the XPs when I voted the translations in English from Dutch.


I switched Dutch from English to English from Dutch for becoming more fluent in Dutch. But I noticed I did not win the points and my English-Dutch tier did not appear in my profile. “English from Dutch” (in Dutch: Engels via Nederlands) did not appear in the list of subscriptions either.

How to fix it?

January 27, 2016



I'm impressed with the ignorance and illiteracy of the users and the answerers who down-voted me. This makes me sick of you and feeling like to leave Duolingo.


Would you mind if you click "Edit" and post it in the Troubleshooting forum ? Then it will receive more attention by the Duolingo techs.


What tier are you on? If you are on tier 1, you do not get XP for voting.


Check the screenshot:


I do not mean it. But if you vote the translations, the tier will appear in your profile. I voted the translations in Spanish and Italian and never translated, the Spanish and Italian tiers appear in my profile.


I can't see the screenshot, but I checked out your profile. You are only on tier 1, it appears. When you translate and get votes for those translations, you get closer to the next tier. When you are on tier 2 or higher, you can get XP for voting.


English from Dutch tier, did it appear for you? For me, it does not appear.

As you can't see the screenshot, check the link: http://imgur.com/C48pSBS.png and pay attention to the XP progress. If I vote each one translation, I gain one point per translation vote.


Yes, if you are on tier 1 than you do not get XP for voting.


No, I am not meaning, I mean to gain the XPs to increase level's points. See my screenshot here and check my last comment.



The information provided by other users is correct. You don't get xp simply for rating translations at tier 1. The reason is that people first need to prove their skill in the language before they get rewarded with xp. How much xp you get per tier is mentioned in the explaination for Immersion Tiers. I have taken a screenshot and highlighted the rewards for checking translations. The fact that the tier doesn't show up on your profile does seem like a bug. It might not be a priority for the staff to fix, but thank you for reporting it anyway. I hope this answers your question.

And here is the Portuguese version if you prefer that:

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