"The horse drinks water."

Translation:Le cheval boit de l'eau.

January 15, 2013

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Why is the answer "boit de l'eau", and not just "boit l'eau"? Wouldn't "boit de l'eau" be a translation of "The horse drinks some water"? Not sure if Duolingo wrong, or just my understanding :)


The horse drinks water = Le cheval boit de l'eau.

The horse drinks some water = Le cheval boit de l'eau

The horse drinks the water = Le cheval boit l'eau


Ah, this explains so much. Thank you.


I still dont get it! If it is right either way, why would I get it wrong?


What did you answer that was not accepted ?


I just dont get why it has to say de l'eau and not just boit l'eau. In some sentence I have used the later and it is always right. All of a sudden, in this sentence it is wrong!! Why!


As I said in my previous comments :

"Le cheval boit l'eau" = "The horse drinks the water"

"Le cheval boit de l'eau" = "The horse drinks (some) water"

It has to be "de l'eau" because we're not talking about a specific water, just some random water.

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