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  5. "Tuesday I have cleaned."

"Tuesday I have cleaned."

Translation:Dydd Mawrth dw i wedi glanhau.

January 27, 2016



why would golchi be wrong instead of glanhau ?


"golchi" is to wash and "glanhau" is to clean. They're not really interchangeable and also "golchi" usually needs to you specify what was washed, for example: Dydd Mawrth dw i wedi golchi'r dillad. Tuesday I have washed the clothes.


"Mawrth dw i wedi glanhau" is also correct, isn't it?


I thought so too - I've reported it as "My answer should be accepted", as I don't see why it shouldn't be, unless I'm forgetting something from the day lessons!


I've also reported it. ;)


I wouldn't have thought so. The impression I got was there are certain idiomatic expressions where "dydd" can be omitted, because it is implied. (Morning and afternoon are after all times of day) I would not expect that to be the case here though.


The English is a bit weird though, I'm guessing it actually means 'I cleaned on Tuesday'.

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