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  5. "White and red are colors."

"White and red are colors."

Translation:Biały i czerwony to kolory.

January 27, 2016



Why not "Biały i czerwony są kolory"?


the it would be "biały i czerwony są kolorami" or "biały i czerwony to są kolory"

after "to" you use nominative, after jest/są.... you use instrumental. (noun)


I don't know why there are multiple questions that say the same thing, but it wouldn't let me comment on the one I was looking at, but I THINK this is it. Anyway, why does it say "czerwona i biała" is wrong? Do you have to assume the male gender?


Unless you describe a specific thing (czerwona farba, biała mysz), the names of colours as colours are masculine. They describe a masculine noun "kolor", after all :)


I suppose that makes sense


Wait… So what if I say something like… "dobra." Is it assumed masculine unless used for something else too? Are all adjectives like this?


kNot really.

Colours act like they have word "kolor" hidden somewhere.

All other adjectives need to describe something. If you use words like coś=something, to=it/this , these are neuter so you use neuter forms of an adjective.

Masculine nominative form is the one used in dictionaries.

"Dobra" is a different thing. Used alone means OK/well/fine/I agree in colloquial speech, and I have no idea what is is supposed to describe


Biały i czerwony to są kolory... That isn't right either?


It is right. If it is not accepted, please report.


Unfortunately there is no option to report the wrong answer.


That one works, anyway.

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