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  5. "Dw i eisiau dy feiro di."

"Dw i eisiau dy feiro di."

Translation:I want your biro.

January 27, 2016



What on earth is a biro?


It's from the inventor, László Bíró who invented the ballpoint pen. In British English it became the generic term for a ballpoint pen. Actually the picture that was shown when the word was introduced was a fountain pen, so that may be adding to the confusion. That would be a "ysgrifbin" or just "pen" and a ballpoint pen is a "beiro".


Thanks for the information. I must have tested out of the section where it was introduced, or I probably would have recognized it when it came up again.


All that comes for me is an obscure name for ballpoint pen.


It's a pretty common name for ballpoint pens in schools in Wales, at least, to be fair.


Yeah, in UK English I'd say. We use it to just mean "pen" a lot of the time in Welsh too.


Yeah, I guess that must be it. Google was not actually very helpful on this one. Since it was introduced in "Family" I thought it must be some slangy name for some form of relative, but probably not.


It's cool our german and welsh stats are almost the same. Spanish is actually pretty close too.


Same issue here. I'm American, and had no idea what a "biro" was.

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