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detailed data about listening comprehension, reading, writing, speaking...

I was wondering if you could create a way for teachers to track how their students are doing on each area of communication (listening, reading, speaking, writing). Duolingo does a great job of incorporating all four of these types of communication and it would be wonderful as the teacher to see in which particular areas students are struggling.

I also think it would be wonderful if the teacher could have access to a specialized vocabulary list for each particular student.

Since I teach Spanish, I think it would be helpful if duolingo counted answers wrong that didn't have accents or the tilde. I can think of several words that mean different things depending on whether or not it has an accent (si, se, este, el, etc)


January 27, 2016

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Hi- thanks for this feedback. Since Duolingo is adaptive each student is getting a specialized course that reflects their strengths & weaknesses. Curious what you have in mind with the voca list. Would you want to use it for quizzes?

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