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how do you select just a set of words? make this a feature

heres my issue i would like this to be able to select certain words instead of just basics so that it fits in my districts curriculum like you pick words you would like your children to learn and it creates a lesson based on those words chosen. i love dulingo but i cant use it in my class room until this is a feature.

January 27, 2016

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Hi there! You can't currently select specific topics/skills to teach. Duolingo is adaptive. Every student will progress at their own pace and we track their strengths and weaknesses and surface what they need to work on.

Here are some fun ways to use Duolingo in your classroom that allow for differentiated learning: https://schools.duolingo.com/help#where-do-i-find-classroom-activities-and-lesson-ideas-for-duolingo

We also see lots of teachers assigning as homework (using the new assignments feature to do so) to reinforce language learning at home.

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