"Coch a gwyn ydy lliw baner Lloegr."

Translation:Red and white are the colours of England's flag.

January 27, 2016

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It's asking me to say "the colors" when I don't see an "y" before "lliw", plus I thought "colors" was "lliwau". This sentence is very strange, I've had to report about four different answers now.


You have the construct state here ("lliw baner Lloegr" - the colour(s) of the flag of England), where this kind of possession makes the possessed thing definite by default.


Or another way of putting it is that only the final noun in a possessive series of nouns can take the definite article e.g. baner y wlad (the flag of the country) NEVER y baner y wlad; lliw baner y dref (the colour of the flag of the town) NEVER y lliw y faner y dref.

Some more info on this construction is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUuvCwOHs2c and also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wmO_ZWUBK0

You're right that it should say "lliwiau". Well done for reporting.


An alternative translation: Red and white are England's flag colours


Why isn't it "Maen coch a gwyn yn lliw baner Lloegr"?


If you've got "A is/are B", where "B" is something indefinite, you can use either mae or ydy, the difference being that an ydy sentence is emphatic:

Mae hi'n athrawes "She's a teacher"

Athrawes yw hi "She's a teacher"

If however "B" is definite, then you have to use the ydy:

Yr athrawes yw hi "She's the teacher"

Hi yw'r athrawes "She's the teacher"

never: *Mae hi'n yr athrawes - Makes no sense

So in this case, where "B" is something definite: "the colour of the flag of England", you have to use ydy too:

Coch a gwyn ydy lliw baner Lloegr "The colour of the English flag is red and white"

Does that make sense?


Thanks so much for your response! I get it now :)


I give the correct answer and it tells me i have an extra space. Turns out there is an extrs space between the word Red and that are provided by the app.

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