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So....how DOES Duolingo make money?

I know it is free and that the benefit is that the users translate the internet.....but seriously, how does Duolingo pay wages?

January 15, 2013



I think for now it's paid by venture capitalists or some grants, and in the future, they will sell translation services. That's what i think I recall from this TED talk where Luis introduced the idea: http://www.ted.com/talks/luis_von_ahn_massive_scale_online_collaboration.html At any rate, it makes for interesting viewing. (This I know for sure was featured in this presentation: he showed a professional translation, and the same one from Duolingo, and it was virtually the same)


They sell scouts cookies?


Duolingo gets their funding from private institutions, and they've acquired millions of dollars to expand the project.

Luis' TEDx talk is one of the more fun ones I've seen. The fact that he's introducing such a great idea doesn't hurt too.

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