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"We are touching that yellow shirt."

Translation:Dotykamy tamtej żółtej koszuli.

January 27, 2016



How about using the accusative koszulę? Why is the dative being used here? Polish grammar is driving me crazy!


It's genitive not dative. The reason is that the verb 'dotykać' requires the use of genitive case.


Thank you! Is there a way to know what kind of verbs require genitive?


You have to learn them by heart, I'm afraid. There was a list of the most common ones in one of the other topics:



I heard that it was a sad case. Used if you didn't have something or needed something or were listening for something. Anyway The idea helps me remember some of the uses of genative.


Dotykamy tą żółtą koszulkę brzmi lepiej dla mnie Polki ( pewnie chodzi o Tour de France)


W Polszczyźnie słownikowej dotykać łączy się zarówno z dopełniaczem jak i z biernikiem.

  • z biernikiem: Powiedziałeś, że jestem..., bardzo mnie tym dotknąłeś
  • z dopełniaczem: Dotknąłem jej ręki (a nie: dotknąłem jej rękę).


Dotykamy tamtą koszulę


Dotykać takes genitive if something or someone is being touched physically, and accusative if someone is touched emotionally.

Quote from PWN :

W znaczeniu konkretnym, fizycznym dotknąć i dotykać łączą się więc z dopełniaczem. W znaczeniu przenośnym, psychicznym – z biernikiem.


This is driving me crazy. I am asking polish native speakers and they say they would use the accusative.


Well... I'm afraid that you can't always trust the natives.

Using Accusative when Genitive is needed is a very common native mistake. And in some time, linguists will probably start to consider it acceptable. But right now, we still have to consider it a mistake. Especially considering the way this website works, comparing your answer with a list of correct answers.


Doesn't "tamtej" imply that the shirt is far away from the speaker? So how can we be touching it?

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