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"Dw i wedi cael brecwast yn gynnar."

Translation:I have had breakfast early.

January 28, 2016



TIPS: ‘Wedi’ is the equivalent of -ed.

‘I had breakfast early.’

DUO ‘Wedi is a different tense.’



I can tell you that that tip was weird for me to see as a welsh speaker. Wedi is more like "have" when have is used to describe the past tense. The welsh equivalents of -ed change with the person e.g waited is "disgwyliais i" for "I waited" etc which you should learn later on.


In English, we would also say "I ate breakfast early," even though that is not a literal translation of the Welsh. Should you consider accepting that as well?


"I had breakfast early" was rejected as a correct response, even though it is a much smoother translation. I understand that it is not as literal, but is the distinction intentionally being made between "I have had" and "I had"?


I reported it to. DL is being inconsistent: sometimes they accept the simple English past for this Welsh form, and sometimes they only accept the perfect past.


OK, I understand the point, but I would argue that it should be made crystal clear in the introduction to the module that you are looking for this particular translation. As someone who does translation from time to time, my job is to look for the smoothest translation.

On a second point -- some of the later lessons only point to Cwrs Sylfaen lessons as their basis with no other guidance for the learner as to what points of grammar/vocabulary are under discussion. This is a point in the Welsh beta that really should be addressed before it is deemed "complete."


I don't understand what you mean by "you are looking for a particular translation". Of course translations should always be rendered in the most natural way - not easy with so many versions of English in use in the world! On your second point: What guidance IS there for the learner in DL? Are you referring to the comments made by other students?


HaroldWonh, my comments were directed in response to riverka's comment, not to you specifically, so please excuse me for causing you any misunderstanding. I agree with you in reporting the inconsistency, and I think riverka's on the right track as well. "You" was meant to refer to the team that is putting together this course.

You are near the same place in the course as I am. If you will notice when you click on a coloured bubble to open a module, you find the lessons to be covered in their boxes, and then there is supposed to be a section below explaining the relevant grammar (and occasionally vocabulary/idioms) involved. I've noted after the last checkpoint available -- curiously very early in the entire course -- that the comments only refer to titles of Pryfysgol Caerdydd's Cwrs Sylfaen modules instead of giving a full description of what is covered. These may be placeholders for more detailed information to come, but I wish that information would have been included before this course was allowed into beta status.

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