"Dw i'n hoffi cwrw hefyd."

Translation:I like beer too.

January 28, 2016

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"I also like beer" should surely be an acceptable translation?


Does this mean also in the sense of "in addition to other drinks" or "me too" or both? Always good to get this sort of thing cleared up early on :)


It can mean either. The context would make it clear: is it a response to "do you only drink wine?" or "I'm going to get myself a beer"?


So there should be no reason for it not to accept: "I like beer also" as well? Or is this simply not correct English/too informal for it to have been listed so far?


'Also' usually comes earlier in the sentence, whereas 'too' and 'as well' come at the end if they are referring to the beer:

  • I also like beer.
  • I like beer, too.
  • I like beer as well.


This app knows me well

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    Well, perhaps, one day I'll stop confusing "yfed" and "hefyd". But I've almost resigned all hope...

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