"Ydw, dw i eisiau cyri a moron."

Translation:Yes, I want curry and carrots.

January 28, 2016

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You have to wonder about the Welsh diet sometimes....


Curry and carrots! Go home duolingo, you're drunk.


Is that a popular dish in Wales?


Moron is plural, moronen is singular.. How does that work?


Ych a fi! What a combination!


Sounds yummy. But why "a curry and carrots"?


It should accept that too.


"Yeah" should be added too with "Yes"


Knew the moron one since long, but this is funny


Is there an actual dish, though? I'm picturing curry with carrots cooked in, similar to that Ethiopian dish with carrots, potatoes and lentils (sorry, I forget the name but it's delicious). I'm currious now. We don't have curry shops here; we have taco shops. Carrots and jalapeños marinated in vinegar are a standard side item, along with various salsas. Do curry shops have something like this? Or is Duo just having fun with words?


No, there isn't. Carrots don't appear traditionally in curries, although I expect there are some more modern fusion dishes around. What you can get in curry shops though is curry with chips (fries) as someone else said above.


Much obliged for the reply.


I had to translate this into English and wrote "Yes, I do want curry and carrots" but it was marked wrong because of the 'do'.

Would the affirmative answer to a question like e.g. "do you want curry and carrots" be different in some way, or should I report it? Presumably the statement could also be an answer to e.g. "do you want anything to eat?"


The correct answer would be "Yes, I want (some) curry and carrots". "I do want...", "You do want..." and "He/she/it does want" is not frequently used in English. They are used when emphasising the verb "to want", so in some context they are correct but without context they are incorrect. Do not report it. ☺

Although I am not a native speaker of English, can someone native confirm what I have written?

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