"Nasz naród szanuje kulturę."

Translation:Our nation respects culture.

January 28, 2016

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Polanball can into tolerance?


Do you have a separate word for "nation" in polish? In ukrainian we have two different things - "natsiya" and "narod" where the first one has mot ethnic context, while the second one is more general about all the people which live in the country. Always wondered why they do not have that distinction in English.


There is the rather archaic word folk.


Country is an acceptable alternative for nation in English. Why not accept it here?


Is it? that is insane. Like what about nations without countries?

It comes from Poles creating the course. In Polish naród and państwo are rarely acceptable alternatives.

Nasz naród szanuje kulturę - means people of our nation respects culture

nasze panstwo szanuje kulturę- means our "rulers" respect culture. ( government, parliament, local govenment, politicians etc)


As a native English speaker I'd say they are fairly interchangeable. In this context, to me, they are 100% interchangeable. Nation sounds slightly more formal is all


This is a common misconception. A country (or state) is a self-governing political entity, while a nation is a group of people who share the same culture. These often overlap, and probably do where you live, but they are not the same thing.


the word country is neutral: "an imaginary country, an ideal country, the political unit we call "country"" and so on. The important distinction in English is between the nation-state (the political unit) and the nation (the ideal). This terminology is well developed in political science. Hence country/nation is the wrong binary here.


In English, nation and country are interchangeable......."I love my country" = "I love my nation"....although country has other meanings,as does nation. .


You just said that they each have other meanings. If they do not share the same definition, they are not interchangeable.


they are interchangeable HERE


Would "our people respect culture" be incorrect, or just not precise enough?


It is not precise enough.


what would be the difference between panstowo (I think i saw like this meaning nation) and naród?


państwo is a country as a political unit.

Naród = the people as the nation. They don't have to live in the same country, but share the language, traditions, ethnicity, things like that.


Can 'kultura' also refer to good manners?


Our people (narod) should also count.


Yeah, it works.


If "our people/nation" refers to a specific country should it not then be "the culture" of a specific nation?


I think that here „kulturę” means everything that is regarded as a 'high culture' not 'popular culture', so: "ambitious films", "theatres", "books" (but ofc. not Harlequins) etc.


hello i wrote country insted of nation .Is it bad? I thing that the word country is much more common than nation .I would like to have your opinion .Thanks for your answer . Romain


Well, "naród" refers to the people, and "country" (and especially "state") is more of a political notion, so it doesn't really work here.


Napisałam "Our nation respects a culture" i nie zaliczyło.
Rozumiem, że przez zastosowany przedimek a.
"kulturę" to rzeczownik w l.poj., zatem dlaczego bez przedimka a/the lub jakiegoś zaimka?...


Użycie przedimka a/an często można by przetłumaczyć (czy to naturalne, to inna sprawa, raczej średnio) na polskie "jakiś" albo "pewien", natomiast "the" można zazwyczaj rozumieć jako "ten konkretny". A więc "I see a car" to "Widzę [jakiś/pewien/] samochód", a "I see the car" to "Widzę [ten konkretny/] samochód, ten o którym rozmawialiśmy".

A w zdaniu takim jak to, "Nasz naród szanuje jakąś kulturę" nie ma zbytnio sensu. Chodzi o kulturę 'ogólnie'.

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