"Sut un yw"

Translation:What is .... like

January 28, 2016

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Would the ellipsis be required here?


This is something I am not sure I like about the course: this is not a whole sentence and doesn't really make sense on its own. At least it doesn't make sense to me. However the answer is a correct fragment in a sentence such as: "Darllena rai adnodau sy'n disgrifio sut un yw Duw" which would translate as "Read some verses that describe what God is like." That is why the ellipsis is there. Only with the blank filled in does this mean anything. Personally I would prefer a fuller practice sentence rather than these fragments.


Thanks for your input. Just out of curiosity, do you happen to be a native Welsh speaker, because you seem to be very fluent in it? And do you think that this course helps? For me so far, I only have about 15 skills left and I don't feel like I could actually hold a conversation, because I always forget verbs and some vocabulary, however grammar is pretty simple for me because of my experience with Irish.


Not a native speaker but I am an advanced learner. This course helps because there are a number of areas I needed reminders and practice, and there was some new vocabulary too. However I also saw myself as a beta tester, and I am hoping my children will use the course to improve and become more confident with their Welsh too.

I don't think I could achieve conversational fluency in any language by rushing through the course in 3 days. However it would provide a solid grounding to build on with spaced repetition, and with exercises based on reading actual Welsh text, listening to radio, TV etc. The spaced repetition is key though.

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