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  5. "Gaethoch chi frecwast?"

"Gaethoch chi frecwast?"

Translation:Did you have breakfast?

January 28, 2016



How come here it's "gaethoch chi" but a couple sentences ago it said "aethoch chi"? Was one a typo?

Edit: I just found another that said "wnaethoch chi"


Hi NorskJeger175, maybe I can help. 'Aethoch chi' is the (irregular) preterite form of the verb 'mynd', and 'caethoch chi' is from 'Cael'. The first is 'you (pl/formal) went' and the latter 'you (pl/formal) had.

Sometimes in Welsh, the first letter of the preterite tense is softly mutated, so the 'c' in this case of 'caethoch chi' would soften to 'g'. Other examples of this: Darllenais might be said 'ddarllenais i' Ces i might be said 'ges i'.

I think that's correct...have a look at 'preterite tense in Welsh' online, and it might explain more.

Pob lwc!


Da iawn! You have (just!) four irregular verbs in spoken Welsh. In the past tense: mynd (go), dod (come), gwneud (do, make), cael (have, get). They follow similar patterns:

went: es i, est ti, aeth e/o/hi, aethon ni, aethoch chi, aethon nhw

came: des i, dest ti, daeth e/o/hi, daethon ni, daethoch chi, daethon nhw

did, made: gwnes i, gwnest ti, gwnaeth e/o/hi, gwnaethon ni, gwnaethoch chi, gwnaethon nhw

had, got: ces i, cest ti, caeth e/o/hi, caethon ni, caethoch chi, caethon nhw

The last two are more than usually found with a soft mutation: wnes i, wnest ti, wnaeth e..., ges i, gest ti, gaeth e....

If you can remember these and the pattern for regular verbs you have the whole of the past tense sorted!


so am I right in understanding that this is valid for S. WELSH only? Cause in N. W you'd just drop the 'mi' right? Diolch ^__^


I think the north Walian versions they teach beginners use the pattern:

mi + past tense of gwneud (with soft mutation) + person + verbnoun (with soft mutation)

For example:

mi wnes i yrru (I drove)

mi wnest ti ganu (you sang)

mi wnaeth o fynd (he went)

...and so on.

You'll also see mi + the fully conjugated verb:

mi es i = mi wnes i fynd (I went)

mi ddudodd hi = mi wnaeth hi ddeud (she said)

mi gaethon nhw = mi wnaethon nhw gael (they had/got)

You can drop the mi too if you want, but I think they stick it in for beginners.


Diolch! Ydych chi'n siarad Cymraeg?


Croeso! Dw i'n ei dysgu hi :).

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