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Audiobooks: Closleabhair sa Gaeilge?

I'm an audial learner and I'm looking for some good for audiobooks in Irish. Hoping someone has a recommendation.

I already listen to several podcasts/radio/TV stations, and I wouldn't mind recommendations for those either, but I am trying to find some books.

Bonus points if I can get both the audiobook and written book, so I can follow along.

go raibh maith agat!

January 28, 2016



http://leighlinn.com/ has two books (so far) that you can read and listen to at the same time. That's all I know of, but I'm sure someone else will give you some more suggestions.


An bhfuil fograí ar bith ann? (any updates?)

Leighlinn.com seems to be down

I'm looking for an intermediate-ish level text with accompanying audio. I don't mind if I have to get each one separately, as long as the words match up!

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LeighLinn has been gone for over a year, unfortunately.

If your browser still supports Adobe Flash, you might find some useful stuff at http://leighleat.com/

The 8 books from the Open Door series that were translated to Irish were also made into Audiobooks, but I've never actually come across an audio book version (They are listed on this Australian website - search for TCM893 to TCM900).


Audiobooks are good, and I'm also looking for some. I think that the best way to learn the language would be to hear it and practice it at the same time, so I'm currently looking for an online chatroom in Irish, I have had little luck as of right now however. I think there may be some on Skype. If I find anything, audiobooks or immersion groups, I'll let you know


look up 'Learn Irish with Liam O Maonlai' and Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone Irish, etc

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